Ticket assortment


The extension for timed tickets and subscriptions.

For a journey beyond a timed ticket's validity. Valid in the VRS network at an all-inclusive price. Only valid in conjunction with a VRS timed ticket or subscription (WochenTicket, MonatsTicket, Formel9Ticket, Aktiv60Ticket, SchülerTicket/SemesterTicket/DualTicket or JobTicket).

Available from VRS transport companies (customer centres, buses, trains, ticket vending machines) and many private sales outlets (kiosks).


Valid for one week with flexible start.

Valid around the clock for one week from the day of your choice. Available in the price categories 1 to 7. You need a customer card (available from VRS transport companies' customer centres) to buy a WochenTicket.

WochenTickets are available from all sales offices of the VRS transport companies, and in some cases also from ticket vending machines at bus stops.