The extension for timed tickets and subscriptions.

For a journey beyond a timed ticket's validity. Valid in the VRS network at an all-inclusive price.

Only valid in conjunction with a VRS timed ticket or subscription (WochenTicket, MonatsTicket, Formel9Ticket, Aktiv60Ticket, SchülerTicket/SemesterTicket/DualTicket or JobTicket).


Price levels (Status 01.01.2024) AnschlussTicket
Network-wide valid
5,00 €
4,85 €


Valid in the VRS network VRS-Netz  at an all-inclusive price from about 5,00 Euro (HandyTicket 4.85 Euro) pro person.


Ticket purchase

  • Available from VRS transport companies (customer centres, buses, trains, ticket vending machines) and many private sales outlets (kiosks).

  • Available as HandyTicket with a price advantage of at least 5%. More information under: HandyTicket
  • Available for online sale as self-print. Information at:
  • Not available as a subscription.

It's not the right ticket for you? Only a few details and you receive your personal rate recommendation. To the ticket consultant

Validity duration and scope

The AnschlussTicket is valid for one trip (maximum 360 minutes) throughout the entire VRS network.

The journey must be completed once this period of validity has elapsed.
(Exception: (timetable or operational reasons, e.g. longer transfer times, delays, etc.).


  • Children under 6 years can be taken along free of charge.

  • Dogs can be taken along in the VRS network free of charge as long as they are under the supervision of a suitable person. Dogs that are a danger to passengers must wear a muzzle. In general, animals must not be accommodated on the seats.

  • If you take other people with you - e.g. an additional AnschlussTicket must be purchased for each trip and person, for example as part of the subscription travel arrangements.

Usable means of transport

Applies to the following means of transport throughout the VRS network.

  • Bus, tram, city and underground routes
  • RegionalBahn- und RegionalExpress routes
    cannot be used with tickets in the "short hop" price category!
  • Express bus routes
    cannot be used with tickets in "short hop" price category! Express bus supplement required!
  • Connection beyond the VRS

    The EinfachWeiterTicket NRW enables cross-network journeys to all tariff zones within NRW. Passengers who have a season ticket or a network-wide KombiTicket from one of the four network tariffs in North Rhine-Westphalia can travel comfortably and cheaply throughout NRW with the EinfachWeiterTicket NRW.

    More under: Connection NRW

Note on bike transportation:

If your VRS ticket does not include bike transportation, you will need a separate bike ticket to take a bike with you, no matter how far you wish to travel within the VRS network (adult EinzelTicket in price category 1b / 2a).

More info: FahrradTicket

Further informationen

Decisive for the exact services and prices of the tickets are the conditions of carriage for local public transport in North Rhine-Westphalia and the tariff regulations of the VRS: click here!