Use buses and trams in the VRS network with your admission ticket

VRS - KombiTicket

Buses and trains can be used for many cultural and sporting events, leisure facilities and to get to the airport free of charge or at reduced prices in the VRS network based on the following models:

  • "Admission ticket = travel ticket" model:
    admission tickets are valid as travel tickets for many events in the VRS network at the same time. This means that you can use all buses and trams in the extended VRS network free of charge with your admission ticket to travel to and from the event.
    Admission tickets are valid as travel tickets on the printed day of the event, 4 hours before the start of the event until the end of business (3.00 a.m. the following day).
  • "KombiTicket" model:
    some leisure facilities offer so-called VRS KombiTickets, where the use of bus and train is already included in the admission price. In contrast to the "admission ticket = travel ticket" model, a special KombiTicket has to be purchased here.
  • "Admission discounts" model:
    With some cooperation partners, you will receive a discount off the normal admission price when you present a valid travel ticket.

Only admission tickets with the imprint "Ticket = Fahrausweis im VRS" or similar are valid as travel tickets.

You can start your journey 4 hours before the beginning of the event at the earliest. The return journey must be completed by the end of business (3.00 a.m. the following day).

Many special fares and KombiTickets are valid for buses and trains in the extended VRS network, some only in certain regions. Read the ticket imprint carefully.

The use of the SB 60 line is permitted without paying a supplement in the "extended VRS network" scope.

The following applies to all special fares and KombiTickets: Deutsche Bahn AG InterCity, EuroCity and InterCityExpress trains may not be used. To use the 1st class carriages in local trains, you have to pay supplements according to the fare.

The use of the 1st class carriage in local trains is not possible with a special ticket in cross-border transport.

Admission tickets and KombiTickets cannot be used separately from the event visit and cannot be transferred to other people after the respective event. In particular, a free transfer or resale of admission tickets/KombiTickets is not permitted.

Children under the age of 6 are always carried free of charge in the VRS network.

Failure to use the special fare shall not entitle the holder to reimbursement of transport charges. An exchange for other VRS tickets is excluded.