Travelling by bike in the VRS network

In principle, bikes may be transported in the VRS network,...

  • as long as there is enough space in the vehicle and
  • a ticket can be shown for the bike, which allows you to take a bike with you.

If your VRS ticket does not include bike transportation, you will need one of the following to take a bike with you, no matter how far you wish to travel within the VRS network:

  • An adult EinzelTicket in price category 1b or 2a or
  • An adult 4erTicket in price category 1b or 2a.

For regular bike transportation, the VRS transport companies offer additional tickets stamps as a monthly supplement for bikes (customer card required).

For longer tours we recommend the purchase of a FahrradTagesTicket NRW. With this you can not only take your bike with you within the VRS network area but also throughout NRW.

Rules for bike transportation

+ Children under the age of 6 who wish to take a bike with them must be accompanied by an adult.

+ There is no right to take a bike with you. The driver decides whether you may board with your bike or not, depending on the space available in the vehicle. Children in prams and wheelchairs always have priority over bikes.

+ Unfortunately, it is generally not possible to take bikes with you on rail replacement services.

Falträder, Pedelecs, E-Bikes

+ Folding bikes are transported free of charge if they are folded.

+ In addition to "classic" bikes, passengers can also take pedelecs and e-bikes on buses and trains.


For the exact services and prices of all tickets, please refer to the Conditions of Carriage for NRW Local Transport and the VRS Fare Regulations: VRS Fare Regulations