Timetable information

Our timetable information - by app, Alexa or timetable book

The VRS app - timetables and tickets from one single source

Simply enter your start and destination point. The free VRS app automatically displays the correct price category for each connection you're looking for – you select the ticket you want at the touch of a button.

The VRS app also offers some functions that make travelling by bus & train even more convenient.

The VRS app is available to suit your mobile phone from the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.

Tap a stop in the network map to display the current departure times and more detailed information about individual stops. They can also be selected as start or destination points when searching for connections.

For many stops, the enlarged map shows exactly where the lifts and escalators are located – with live status (red/green) to show whether they are in operation or not.

KVB rental bikes, cambio car sharing stations and Park+Ride parking spaces around each stop are also displayed on the enlarged map. The KVB bikes can be booked directly.

If you are looking for personal advice, the enlarged map also provides information on customer centres and ticket sales outlets in the surrounding area.

Each connection can be sent by email, SMS or messenger. It can also be automatically entered in the calendar if you want.

The next bus & train departures are displayed in each stop's detail page and the results can be filtered by means of transport and routes.

Stops, addresses and places but also connections with a start and destination point can be saved as favourites under any names you like, such as "Home", "Work" or "Grandma". So you can access them much faster.

A wide range of tickets can be purchased through the VRS app. Either directly via the timetable information or via "Tickets". HandyTickets purchased on your mobile phone are 5% cheaper than tickets from vending machines – with EinzelTickets you even save 10%.

HandyTickets on offer:

  • VRS EinzelTicket single ticket
  • VRS 24STundenTicket 24-hour ticket
  • VRS FahrradTicket bike ticket
  • VRS Schnellbuszuschlag SB60 express bus supplement
  • VRS 1. Klasse-Zuschlag first class supplement
  • VRS AnschlussTicket connecting ticket
  • VRS WochenTicket weekly ticket
  • VRS MonatsTicket monthly ticket
  • VRS Formel9Ticket
  • SchöneFahrtTicket NRW
  • EinfachWeiterTicket NRW
  • SchönerTagTicket NRW
  • FahrrdTagesTicket NRW

Seasonal ticket offers, e.g. KarnevalsTicket, will be added.

You can register for the HandyTicket mobile ticket in the app. You enter your email address once and set a password of your choice. If you already have a customer account, you can store it in the app. Once you are registered, you can access all purchased tickets in the archive – with the corresponding invoices. Extremely practical if you want to bill for business trips.

All your HandyTicket customer account data and settings can be conveniently adjusted using your mobile phone.

Whether it's with registration or with an anonymous purchase without customer account: there are always several means of payment to choose from. Without registration you can pay by credit card, mobile phone bill or PayPal. SEPA direct debit, credit card or prepay are possible with registration.

More information about the HandyTicket: https://handyticket.vrs.de


Do you have questions about the app or HandyTicket? Praise or criticism for individual routes or stops? The feedback form gives you the opportunity to communicate with us directly.

Always test the new VRS app before its release. Simply register in the app under Beta Tester to become a beta tester.

VRS information for Alexa

[Translate to Englisch:] Der VRS Alexa-Skill

You don't feel like poring through timetable books, studying timetable tables or typing the start and destination into your smartphone, tablet or PC? Then the VRS skill for Alexa will assist!

Simply ask Alexa for the next departures at your stop or have any timetable information from stop to stop read out for the whole VRS.

Here's how it works:

  • Open the skill (e.g. by saying "Alexa, start VRS information")
  • Check the next departures (e.g. "Tell me the next departures from Neumarkt Köln?")
  • Ask for travel information (e.g. "How can I get from Chlodwigplatz Köln to Lohsestraße Köln tomorrow at 1 p.m.?")

The VRS skill is constantly being further developed: The VRS skill is a new skill that we are still developing intensively. The comprehensibility and voice guidance is gradually being improved and the VRS skill is also being given one or two more features. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience if not everything works straight away or if a few stops are still pronounced a bit strangely. You are welcome to send hints, problems and suggestions for improvement to alexa(at)vrs.de.

The VRS skill currently supports connections to and from stops as well as departures from stops.

The basic procedure is always the same: You ask Alexa a question about our VRS skill and get the answer you want from our timetable information. The signal word "VRS information" is important as this only then will Alexa know that you are expecting timetable information from our VRS skill. The VRS skill already understands a multitude of different requests, which we will add to step by step in order to make your conversation with Alexa as fluent as possible. Nevertheless, it is advisable to formulate the questions as concisely and clearly as possible (we have compiled a few application examples below). You only need the signal words if the skill is not currently active – if the VRS skill and voice recording is already active, neither "Alexa" nor "VRS Information" is required.

If you find it difficult to ask Alexa a complete question with all the information you need at first, you can also switch to a guided dialogue. After opening the VRS skill ("Alexa, open VRS information"), simply select the desired category (simply say "connections" or "departures") and Alexa will then ask you step by step for the required information to obtain the information want. You can also reach the guided dialogue by saying "Alexa, ask the VRS for information on connections/departures".

Please always name all the stops as precisely as possible when answering questions and making entries. If Alexa doesn't understand you straight away, please include the location name for stops. Usually Alexa will ask again if your question is not clearly understood.

Tip: If you have a question and want to find the next possible trip or departure, simply leave out the date and time. You then don't have to worry whether you have all the information (start, destination, date, time) in your question.

Departures at certain stops. You can ask for the next departure or for specific departures at a specific time, for any stop in the VRS network area. If required, state the date and time in addition to the mandatory stop name.

Please note: Due to numerous stop names in the VRS area sounding the same or similar, it is usually very helpful to include the location name as well. We are trying to continuously improve the identification of stops.

Connections from stop to stop. You can ask for the next connection or for specific connections. For a particular connection, you can include the date and time in your question; Alexa also understands details like today or tomorrow. If you omit the date/time, Alexa will ask you for what time you are looking for a connection.

The skill always looks for the fastest connection. Individual trip settings (short walking distances, no stairs, etc.) cannot be activated yet. However, this step is already planned as a possible further development for the skill.

The VRS skill is currently still under development and will be extended step by step with additional features. We have deliberately opted for early release to give you the opportunity to influence further development with your feedback. Are there specific features missing? What other features would you like to see in the future? Where do you see weaknesses?

Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that individual errors and problems may occur while using the skill in the beta phase. We ask for your understanding. You are welcome to inform us of any errors.

One known problem at the moment is Alexa's ability to understand the (spoken) stop names. It is often helpful to mention the name of the stop as well as the location, e.g: "Chlodwigplatz Köln". The problem occurred to varying degrees during our tests and has already been reported to Amazon. At the same time, our technical service provider is working on improvements and possible workarounds.

Admittedly, Alexa may sometimes speak a little unclearly and also not all announcements (e.g. longer text messages) can be readily remembered immediately. But with simple instructions like "repeat" or "again" Alexa will be happy to repeat the last answer for you. If you feel that Alexa pronounces certain terms and stops in a completely incomprehensible way, you are welcome to let us know – we are trying to improve the pronunciation continuously.

Abort dialogues: Do you have the feeling that you have ended up in the wrong area of the VRS skill or Alexa isn't answering your question the way you imagined? Or maybe you have changed your mind and want to stop an ongoing dialogue or interrupt the announcement of a long text message? Don't go for the sledgehammer method right away ("Alexa, stop!") – In many cases, saying "Cancel" is sufficient to make a new entry in the VRS skill.

Earlier or later? To keep conversations as short as possible, Alexa always answers with four departures or connections per request in our skill, in contrast to our online timetable information or our VRS app. To get more departures or suggestions, simply say "earlier" or "later" to Alexa at the end of the answer, depending on whether you want more alternatives announced for an earlier or later time.

My location: If your home is in the VRS network area, the VRS skill can use your location (stored in the Alexa app) as the starting point or destination for connections or departures. Alternatively, you can also directly store a stop as your home in the VRS skill ("Store my home stop!").

Just ask "How do I get to Neumarkt Köln?". The VRS skill then automatically selects your stored location as the starting point. You can create, edit or delete your location at any time. Simply say "Change my home stop" in the VRS skill.

Where can I find the VRS skill?
You can find our skill using the name "VRS Information" free of charge in the Alexa app or on the Amazon website.


How can I find the VRS skill on my device?
Our skill reacts to the keyword "VRS information". You can open the VRS skill using simple commands such as "Alexa, start VRS Information!" and then ask a question about the timetable information you want ("How do I get from Ebertplatz Köln to Bonn Hauptbahnhof?") or you can combine opening the VRS skill with a question ("Alexa, ask VRS Information, how do I get from Ebertplatz Köln to Neumarkt Köln").

Why is my question not always understood?
There can be many reasons for this. First of all, we want to admit that the VRS skill is currently still a beta version. Therefore, not all questions, guided dialogues and features are integrated yet. In addition, some stop names are difficult for Alexa to pronounce or understand. Alexa was developed in the Anglo-American area, it's understanding of German speech is still not ideal. Added to this, there may be difficulties in understanding dialects or pronunciation.

Can I also book VRS mobile and online tickets with Alexa?
No, I'm afraid that's not possible.

Who can I contact with questions, criticism or suggestions for improvement?
The VRS Alexa team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for using the VRS skill on Amazon Alexa. Personal data is processed to implement the VRS skill on Amazon Alexa. Please note the following information:

1. The VRS skill was created by sidebysite GmbH for Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg GmbH, Glockengasse 37 - 39, 50667 Cologne. Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg GmbH is the data controller for this. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding data protection, please contact our data protection officer directly:

Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg GmbH
Data protection officer
Glockengasse 37-39
50667 Cologne
Tel.: 0221 208080
Email: datenschutz(at)vrsinfo.de

2. The VRS Skills Privacy Policy's provisions apply to the use of the VRS skill and can be found under: VRS Privacy Policy

Our classic - the timetable book

Since December 2019, only individual city timetables with all routes within a city area have been available as paperbacks, as well as the large NRW timetable book with an overview of all train connections in the state - from the S-Bahn to the ICE.

These timetable books can either be picked up from the VRS transport companies' customer centres and sales outlets or downloaded here. The NRW timetable book is available from DB travel centres and agencies in North Rhine-Westphalia.

You can also order the issues from us and have them sent to you by post: Order