The TagesTicket (Day Ticket) 1 person

Travel freely. The whole day.

If you wish to travel several times a day by bus and train, the TagesTicket (Day Ticket) is the right choice for you. The TagesTicket for one person is valid the whole day until 3 am on the following day. During this period of time you can get on and off, change, make round trips and interrupt your journey as often as you like within your selected price level.

Please note: TagesTickets may be used in the whole city or community area of your respective location as well as in all cities and communities which can be reached from there within the respective price level.


Prices in Euro

DayTicket 1 person-6,808,308,3010,3013,0018,0024,4026,0028,50
DayTicket 5 people-9,6012,5012,5015,8018,8025,3034,9038,7041,00