The 4-Ticket

For everyone who often uses public transport

The 4-Ticket can be used for four trips of the respective price level and is available for adults and children in all price levels - it cannot be used for short trips!.

The 4-Ticket can also be used by several people at the same time. There are two types of the ticket. The one can be validated two times on the front and two times on the back, the other one is to be validated four times on one side.

Before starting your trip you have to validate one field per trip.

Prices in Euro

SingleTicket adults1,902,402,802,803,805,007,7011,3013,9017,00
SingleTicket children (6-14 Jahre)1,001,301,601,602,002,503,705,106,708,10
4erTicket adults7,108,6010,4010,4014,1018,4028,4041,8050,0061,20
4erTicket children4,005,206,206,208,0010,0014,8020,4026,8032,40


Period of validity of 4-Tickets

Single and 4-Tickets may only be used for a certain period of time after their validation - depending on the price level. During this period of time you may interrupt your trip and - if necessary - change the means of transport. Detours, round trips or return trips are not possible.

  • ... for a short trip: 20 min
  • ... for trips at price levels 1a and 1b (CityTicket): 90 min
  • ... for trips at price levels 2a and 2 b (CityPlusTicket): 120 min
  • ... for trips at price levels 3 and 4 (RegioTicket): 180 min
  • ... for trips at price level 5 to 7 (RegioTicket): 360 min

Note: All tickets from ticket machines - except for 4-person ticket - are already validated!