Season Tickets

The convenient tickets for regular VRS customers

If you use regularly buses or trains, you can travel more cheaply and conveniently with the VRS Season Tickets. With a Season Ticket you save a lot of money, and queuing up at the ticket office or vending machine is a thing of the past. All you need is the handy VRS customer card as well as tokens for the respective week or month.

Season Tickets are available - except for short trips - on all price levels.

The areas in which the Season Ticket is valid are inscribed as tariff area number on the customer card (for subscribers on the eTicket!). Additionally the Season Ticket is valid for all cities and communities that are located along the usual route. You can travel by bus and train in these areas within the period of validity of your Season Ticket as often and as far as you like.

You can choose from:

WochenTicket (Weekly Tickets) / for apprentices
For those who travel every day of the week

MonatsTicket (Monthly Ticket) / with subscription / for apprentices
For daily commuters

Formel 9Ticket / with subscription
For those who begin travelling after 9 am

For companies offering their employees an extra incentive

The convenient advantage for students

SchülerTicket (Pupils' Ticket)
Be mobile within the whole VRS, around-the-clock, 365 days a year

Find out about the amount of the different additional charges in our tariff advisory service.