Mobile for a whole school year.

Valid round the clock for a whole school year in the VRS-SchülerTicket network.

Available for pupils of many primary schools, secondary schools and full-time vocational colleges in the VRS network. The price depends on the school's location.

Only valid in conjunction with a valid student ID with photo.

Ticket purchase

  • The SchülerTicket cannot be bought free of charge, but can only be ordered through the school. Order forms are available at the school secretariats and at the local transport companies.

    Further information about the conditions valid at the school location can be obtained from the VRS transport companies.

  • Not available as a mobile ticket.
  • Not available for online sale.
  • Not available as a subscription.

It's not the right ticket for you? Only a few details and you receive your personal rate recommendation. To the ticket consultant

What does a SchülerTicket cost?

The price of the SchülerTickets depends on the location of the school. There are two location and price categories in the VRS, see: Location categories SchülerTicket

Anyone who has a very long journey to the nearest school (primary school over 2 km each way, secondary I over 3.5 km, secondary II over 5 km) can get a free travel entitlement and only pays a small share of the cost of the ticket.

The more free children under 18 a family has, the cheaper the ticket becomes. The third and all further children travel free of charge. Children from families with SGB XII assistance always travel free of charge. Ask your city or social welfare office for more information.

Validity duration and scope

Valid for an entire school year (including holidays!) around the clock in the entire SchülerTicket network.

If you also want to travel in the Aachen transport network (AVV), you can buy an AVV-School&Fun-Ticket in addition to the VRS-SchülerTicket and then use it to travel throughout the entire AVV.

For pupils who live near the VRS border in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) or in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate and go to school in the VRS (or vice versa), there are special SchülerTickets. Information is available from the school secretariats.


  • Children under 6 years can be taken along free of charge.

  • Dogs can be taken along in the VRS network free of charge as long as they are under the supervision of a suitable person. Dogs that are a danger to passengers must wear a muzzle. In general, animals must not be accommodated on the seats.

  • Holders of a SchülerTicket can take a bicycle free of charge from 7 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays, from 9 a.m. during the NRW school holidays and all day on weekends and public holidays (in each case until 3 a.m. on the following day).

    (Exception: In Monschau, Simmerath, Heimbach, Nideggen, Kreuzau and Niederzier, an additional FahrradTicket is required).

Usable means of transport

Valid on the following means of transport in the entire VRS SchülerTicket network.

  • Bus, tram, city and underground routes
  • RegionalBahn- und RegionalExpress routes
    cannot be used with tickets in the "short hop" price category!
  • Express bus routes
    cannot be used with tickets in "short hop" price category! Express bus supplement required!
  • Personal ticket

    The SchülerTicket is a personal ticket and is only valid in conjunction with a valid student ID or photo ID.Das SchülerTicket ist ein persönliches Ticket und gilt nur in Verbindung mit einem gültigen Schülerausweis oder Lichtbildausweis.

Connection beyond the VRS

The EinfachWeiterTicket NRW enables cross-network journeys to all tariff zones within NRW. Passengers who have a season ticket or a network-wide KombiTicket from one of the four network tariffs in North Rhine-Westphalia can travel comfortably and cheaply throughout NRW with the EinfachWeiterTicket NRW.

More under: Connection NRW

Further informationen

Decisive for the exact services and prices of all tickets are the conditions of carriage for local transport in NRW and the tariff regulations of the VRS: click here!: click here (only in german)!

The price of a SchülerTicket depends on the location of the school (there are two location categories), on the type of school and on whether a pupil is entitled to free travel or not.

Pupils who are entitled to free travel are those whose school route to the nearest school (one-way distance) is more than 2 km at primary level, more than 3.5 km at lower secondary level and more than 5 km at upper secondary level, or whose school route is particularly dangerous according to the objective conditions. These pupils pay only a small personal contribution for the leisure use of the ticket. All other pupils are regarded as so-called self-payers.

The school secretariats are the contact persons for possible free travel entitlement.

Pupils who have an AVV-School&Fun-Ticket can buy the VRS-SchülerTicket as well. Holders of a VRS-SchülerTicket can also purchase the AVV-School&Fun-Ticket. In combination with both tickets, the young people can then use all means of local transport around the clock in the AVV area and in the VRS network at an attractive price.

The SchülerTicket is only available from the local transport companies when the school board has made a fundamental decision to introduce the SchülerTicket. You can find out directly from your school whether this is the case at your school.

Order forms are available at the school secretaries' offices and at the local transport companies.

Further information about the conditions valid at your school can be obtained from the VRS transport companies.