MonatsTicket for apprentices

The cheaper MonatsTicket.

Valid around the clock for one month from the day of your choice. Available in the price categories 1 to 7.

For trainees who only need a cheap ticket for a few months or do not want to commit themselves.

A certificate is required from the school or training centre to purchase a MonatsTickets for apprentices over the age of 14.


Price levels (Status 2021) Monthly ticket apprentices (monthly rate)
61,30 €
78,30 €
78,30 €
99,10 €
119,80 €
178,40 €
215,70 €
233,10 €
251,40 €




Ticket purchase

  • You can obtain MonthlyTicket for apprentices as a subscription with personal advice at the customer centres of the VRS transport companies.

    Subscription order forms are also available here: Order forms


  • Not available as a mobile ticket.
  • Not available for online sale.
  • Not available as a subscription.

It's not the right ticket for you? Only a few details and you receive your personal rate recommendation. To the ticket consultant

Validity duration

Valid daily around the clock in the selected cities and municipalities. The MonthlyTicket for apprentices can be used flexibly from any desired starting day for one month - e.g. from the 15th of a month to the 14th of the following month.


The MonatsTicket für Azubis (monthly ticket for apprentices) is available for the journey between the apprentice's home and the place of training or for the journey between the apprentice's home and school.


  • Children under 6 years can be taken along free of charge.

  • Dogs can be taken along in the VRS network free of charge as long as they are under the supervision of a suitable person. Dogs that are a danger to passengers must wear a muzzle. In general, animals must not be accommodated on the seats.

Usable means of transport

Valid within the selected cities and municipalities of the price level on the following means of transport:

  • Bus, tram, city and underground routes
  • RegionalBahn- und RegionalExpress routes
    cannot be used with tickets in the "short hop" price category!
  • Express bus routes
    cannot be used with tickets in "short hop" price category! Express bus supplement required!
  • Extension for TimeTickets

    With a VRS-AnschlussTicket, the area of validity of your ticket can be extended for individual journeys to the entire VRS-network.

    More information under: The AnschlussTicket


Personal ticket

The MonatsTicket für Azubis (monthly ticket for apprentices) is a personal ticket. It consists of a customer card with photo and a corresponding monthly token.

Further informationen

Decisive for the exact services and prices of all tickets are the conditions of carriage for local transport in NRW and the tariff regulations of the VRS: click here!: click here (only in german)!