Information for bus and train

The Rhine-Sieg Transport Association welcomes you

All relevant towns in the transport association are easily accessible by bus and train. This information
should assist you in your travels by bus and train.

General information for travelling by bus and train

  • Tickets are valid for the entire route, from place of departure to destination. You may change modes of transport using this ticket, e.g. switching from bus to train.
  • You must retain the ticket during travel and have it available for inspection.
  • The staff on-board the bus and train - whether male or female - are responsible for the inspection of the tickets and the safety of all passengers. Therefore you must follow their instructions.
  • Travelling by bus or train without a ticket is prohibited. If you do not have a valid ticket, you must pay a fine of 60 Euros.

How do I plan a journey?

  • All buses and trains travel to certain stations on a defined route at regular intervals.
  • You will find timetables ① at each station which provide information about the routes that stop there.
  • Plan your journey with the VRS-timetable information ⑧ at There you will also find which modes of transport you may use, the duration of the journey and which price category you require. If you enter the address of your points of departure and destination, it will show you the way to the next station.



How and where do I purchase a ticket?

  • Tickets are available from the bus driver, ticket vending machines ⑥, tramways, in the metro, at train stations and in the customer centre.
  • Many ticket vending machines ⑥ allow you to choose from several languages.
  • Children up to and including 5 years of age may travel for free. Children between the ages of 6 and 14 years travel at a reduced rate.
  • Single tickets are also available for one-way journeys. For multiple journeys, we recommend the more favourably priced 4x ticket. The 4x ticket must be validated prior to beginning your journey ④. For multiple travels in one day, or for groups of up to 5 persons, we offer the VRS 24hoursTicket.
  • Our tip: You can purchase favourably-priced tickets with the VRSMobilPass. You can find information in the multi lingual brochure "Bus and train with MobilPass", which is available free of charge in all travel agencies or here: MobilPassTickets



How do I use the bus and train?

  • Boarding and disembarking is only possible at the stations.
  • Buses and trains follow a set schedule. Therefore they must depart punctually and cannot wait. You should arrive at the station a few minutes prior to departure.
  • In many vehicles, information monitors indicate ② and announce the next station.
  • The tracks may only be crossed at the designated points.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all stations and vehicles.
  • Please hold on during the journey, secure any pushchairs and store your luggage under the seat or in the luggage rack.

Board at the front door by the driver ③ and present your ticket. Tickets can also be validated on the bus ④. Or purchase a ticket from the bus driver. To do so, tell the driver your destination. Please press the STOP button ⑤, if you would like to disembark at the next station. The doors will open as soon as the bus has come to a stop at the station.

Tramway and Metro
You can purchase ⑥ and validate ④ tickets at vending machines in tram and metro stations. The machines only accept coins. You may board and disembark through any door. The doors do not always open automatically. Please press the button on the door.

Train (Regional-Express (RE), Regionalbahn (RB) regional rail and S-Bahn suburban rail)
You must purchase and validate your ticket for the RE, RB and S-Bahn prior to beginning your journey ④. You may board and disembark through any door. The doors do not open automatically. They must be opened by the passenger once the train has come to a stop. In many trains an illuminated green ring on the door indicates that the door can be opened ⑦.

The VRS tariff - and transportation regulations apply.



In Transit with the TaxiBus

The TaxiBus runs area routes on certain bus lines. TaxiBus routes can be recognised by the telephone symbol on the bus timetable. The TaxiBus is not a large public bus but rather a car for a maximum of 4 to 8 people. The TaxiBus must be requested by telephone before every ride and follows the fixed route
(see the timetable).

Should the bus timetable have a telephone symbol for the desired bus route, then:

  1. Call the telephone number on the bus timetable at least 30 minutes (considerably earlier is better) prior to the departure time.
  2. Name the departure stop, destination, departure time and number of passengers.
  3. Get on at the destination stop. Ride only with a ticket.

Important: Rides with 5 or more persons must be reserved 3 days in advance.